Because of Course it Did


dome snow 2018

After months of unseasonably warm weather, it snowed yesterday. And of course it did, because yesterday was when 40 Freedom Ranger chicks were meant to be delivered and tucked into the cozy brooder we’ve set up in the greenhouse.

Not sure if it was weather related, but the delivery was delayed by a day.  Naturally, there was no explanation provided, and no phone call or number to call. I was frantic, given the freezing temperatures, and spent the day running around trying figure out where the chicks were and when they would actually be delivered. By nightfall I simply had to give up and hope some mail carrier didn’t just leave them on top of someone’s mailbox in the snow (these are the bleak and absurd thoughts one has when the customer service is so bad you start wishing they’d hurry up and bring out the drones!) But the chicks arrived safe and sound this morning.  I was the only one worse for the wear.

chicks 2018

Still, because of the snow and whatnot, it was a little dicey trying to get the brooder warmed up enough. The brooder is actually a huge livestock tank (a rubber one, which retains heat better than aluminum or steel) with a custom screen over the top for protection. And an old blanket over that for insulation. It’s in our greenhouse right now, and, thank goodness, working just fine.

There’s more rain and snow in the forecast. This is a good thing, I keep telling myself.  We need H2O, in whatever form. And so long as we can get them safely through the cold days, more water means lusher grass and fatter bugs for the chickens when they’re old enough to go outside. We just gotta hang in there!

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